Send a message below for inquires on booking, work for hire, lessons or tutoring. Lessons are available in person and via Skype on upright bass, electric bass and songwriting. Tutoring is available in subjects including music theory, ear training, and arranging. 

Student Testimonials:

For nearly 30 years I had played guitar with the hope that songs would simply "happen". They didn't. Nate demystified the songwriting process. 

He has helped me to create songs from scratch (just a simple melody recorded on an iPhone) or to build on ideas that were riffs. Moreover, he focuses on all aspects of songwriting: lyrical content, melody, harmony and recording/production. So, I have, at the end of our work, an actual recorded song that I can share with friends or keep in the vault. Nate is very patient and a good listener. He tries to understand what my songs are about and how to better reflect the message through the music.  - Sam, songwriting student

Nate is great at tapping into what YOU want to get from your playing. He really listens to where you are at now, and where it is that you want to go. You'll get straight, constructive feedback in a way that encourages you to push out of your comfort zone. Plus, he'll use a variety of methods to make a point - videos, notation, live playing - whatever works for you. 

John, upright bass student

Nate has a very good ear, and is quickly able to identify problems and thoroughly explain how to fix them. Whether a technique thing, or subtle nuances in timing or tone, Nate always finds the clear path to expressing the goal. I'd recommend Nate to anyone seeking to improve their playing. - Reid, upright bass student

Working with Nate is great! By working step by step through a couple songs I brought with me, and I noticed an across-the-board improvement in my playing after the first lesson. Plus, we have a good time of it! - Joe, electric bass student

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