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For Small Ensemble

"White Christmas" as performed by Jascha Heifetz, transcribed by Nate Sabat (arr. for violin and piano)

"Baby it's Cold Outside" (arr. for female voice, male voice, and string trio)

"Vaughan Williams: Carol & Christmas Dance(arr. for viola and string trio)

"Gesu Bambino" (arr. for soprano and string quartet)

"Gliere: Romance, Op #3" (arr. for solo violin and string quartet)

"New America" (arr. for upright bass quartet)

For Large Ensemble

"At the River / Shenandoah" (arr. for soprano and string orchestra)

"Bartok: Variation on String Quartet No. 4, Sz. 91: 5. Finale, Allegro molto" (arr. for string orchestra)

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