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"Nate has so much going for him: Intimacy with an array of classical, folk, jazz and pop music, the ability to propel any groove with chops and subtlety, a sweet bow sound that can vocalize any melody, fiercely great intonation, and, most importantly, a musical intelligence and intuition that operates with a constant smile.”

- Eugene Friesen, GRAMMY award-winning cellist and composer (Paul Winter Consort, Trio Globo)

"Nate is great at tapping into what YOU want to get from your playing. He really listens to where you are at now, and where it is that you want to go. You'll get straight, constructive feedback in a way that encourages you to push out of your comfort zone. Plus, he'll use a variety of methods to make a point -- videos, notation, live playing -- whatever works for you." John, bass student

"For nearly 30 years I had played guitar with the hope that songs would simply "happen". They didn't. Nate demystified the songwriting process. He has helped me to create songs from scratch (just a simple melody recorded on an iPhone) or to build on ideas that were riffs. Moreover, he focuses on all aspects of songwriting: lyrical content, melody, harmony and recording/production. So, I have, at the end of our work, an actual recorded song that I can share with friends or keep in the vault." - Sam, songwriting student

"Nate is an exceptional bass teacher! He meets me where I'm at musically and is extremely patient. He breaks down the concepts and is able to work with me to master them, and allows me to guide the lesson with areas I'd like to work on. And he doesn't let me off the hook--he makes sure I get it before moving on. He has listened to recordings I've made in a jam and given me valuable feedback, which is so helpful! I definitely recommend Nate as a teacher to get you to the next level." - Kathy, bass student

"I have been privileged have Nate as my upright bass instructor since 2019. I needed to develop my playing in multiple areas including bluegrass, orchestral, and classical music. Nate can do it all. Both music theory and technique have been integrated seamlessly into all our lessons in a very “doable” and engaging manner. Whenever I have questions between scheduled lessons, Nate always responds quickly. It’s hard to imagine finding a better teacher!" - Dane, bass student

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