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Bass Fiddler by Nate Sabat

(vocals, upright bass)

Releases in April 2024

Born Again Town by Evan Murphy

(electric bass, upright bass,

harmony vocals on 3 and 6)

Released in December 2019


Dear Starling by Pumpkin Bread

(upright bass)

Released in March 2019

Album Cover (SQ).jpg
Born again town.png
Dear Starling.jpg


Of Course! (Antipasto) by Sean Trischka

(electric bass)

Released in February 2022



Of Course! by Sean Trischka

(electric bass)

Released in March 2019

Walking Away by Nate Sabat

(lead vocals, upright & electric bass,

guitar on 3) 

Released in November 2018

Of Course.jpg
Walking Away Digital Cover.png


Triloka by Bruno Raberg

(upright bass (ensemble) on 1, 3, 4)

Released in February 2017

Boston Bridges by Albert Bello and Oriol Saña

(upright bass on 4, 7, 9)

Released in March 2016

Pieces by Sostenuto

(upright bass)

Released in July 2014

Boston Bridges.jpg


Close Enough to Hear by Mile Twelve

(upright bass, harmony vocals,

lead vocals on 4)

Released in February 2023


Deviant Folk (self-titled)

(production, upright bass, harmony vocals,

lead guitar on 12)

Released in May 2021

Shall We Hope by Tony Trischka

(upright bass on 11)

Released in January 2021

Roll the Tapes All Night Long by Mile Twelve

(upright bass, harmony vocals on 1, 2, 5)

Released in June 2020


City on a Hill by Mile Twelve

(upright bass, lead vocals on 4 and 9,

harmony vocals on 2, 3, 6, 8, 10)

Released in March 2019

Album Cover (Square) - MIle Twelve.jpg
deviant folk.jpeg
Shall We Hope Cover for Socials.jpg
Roll the tapes.jpg
City on a Hill;.jpg

Fiddle Tune-Oriented

Group Manoeuvre by Aerialists

(electric bass)

Released in September 2017

Bywater by The Bywater Band

(upright bass)

Released in July 2016


Aerialists by Aerialists

(electric bass, upright bass, vocals on 2)

Released in May 2016

Elise Boeur | Nate Sabat 

by Elise Boeur and Nate Sabat

(upright bass, guitar, vocals on 4)

Released in November 2015

Group Manouvre.jpg
Aerialists EP.jpg
Elise + Nate.jpg
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